Welcome to Pawnee

Welcome to the city of Pawnee, Indiana. We are located 90 miles from Indianapolis and we are the state’s seventh-largest city. This site will serve as your gateway to all that is Pawnee.
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Our City

Pawnee is a city with low operating costs and a sizable labor pool. Its infrastructure is efficiently developed and its citizens are moderately well educated, making it an acceptable location for business. Growth in Pawnee is slow and steady, but Pawneeans say that what isn’t bolted down can be improved. The city is dedicated to maintaining its progress through reasonable expansion and sound planning.

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A Place to Visit

Pawnee is not a tourist Mecca, but this fact has made it a somewhat desirable location for those looking to get away from the crowds. Whether it’s taking in a community theater play in the park, guided tours of old Wamapoke hunting and burial grounds, or just shopping in a chain store on Main Street, there’s always at least one thing to do on the weekends. The city has several hotels.


In The Spotlight



End of Summer Block Party

Due to scheduling issues, the end of summer block party has been moved to December 1st.

Fallen Tree on Plymouth St.

It’s not your imagination. The fallen tree on Plymouth Street does look like a crocodile! The tree and its remains will be fully cleared from the street in a week, but for now, come down and take a picture with the tree-o-dile! Enjoy the Pawnee Croc-o-tree while there’s still time!

Knife Safety

Many people have questions about Pawnee’s Byzantine Knife-Carry codes. Here’s a quick and easy guide.

  • 3-inch foldable blades are acceptable, if sheathed in a leather case with a secure lock-back mechanism.
  • Flip-knives, butterfly knives, switchblades, and spring-loaded knives are permissible if and only if hidden in boots or secured to ankles.
  • 4-inch to 14-inch blades require permit and proof that owner feels threatened and needs said knife for reassurance.
  • Sword canes and other blades disguised as ordinary objects (walker spears, umbrella shivs, backpack axes, prosthetic leg machetes, and fake-soda-can knives) are allowed.
  • Beginning 10/01/09, Chinese throwing stars are legally classified as “toys” and must be painted bright, child-friendly colors.
  • Cuisinart blades cannot be used outside of their Cuisinarts. This means you, Councilman Howard! 🙂

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