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News and Notes – updated March 11th, 2010

Most Wanted Pests
  • It’s getting warmer and that means all citizens are reminded to be on the lookout for Pawnee’s Most Wanted Pests! Remember your DARE training from school: Drop – Acquiesce – Run – Escape.
  • We extend our apologies to the young victims of the face-painting mix-up at the Saturday Farmers Market. The paint should slough off within one month, or can be removed now with diluted lighter fluid.
  • Up, up, and away! PCSAKFE (Pawnee Children’s Society Annual Kite Flying Expedition) starts Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Please no more effigies or kites with profanity.
  • The man making obscene balloon animals in Keystone Park is not authorized to be there, but is very talented. See his creations before he’s arrested.
  • Local hero Andy Dwyer is at it again – he’s captured Fairway Frank!!! Read all about it in the Pawnee Journal.

News and Notes – updated March 4th, 2010

Ron Swanson - Woman of the Year
  • Parks Department Director Ron Swanson is a Woman of the Year! Read all about it in the Pawnee Journal.
  • Ramsett Pool is still being refurbished after last summer’s incident. Please do not enter the swimming area without prior Parks Department authorization and possum harpoon.
  • Reminder! The Stargazing Club will NOT be meeting this Sunday night, March 7th, because of the Academy Awards. We understand the irony.
  • Despite its proximity to the gas line rupture at Pawnee Cryobank, Wamapokestone Garden will remain open. Garden visitors may pick up spermicidal galoshes near the bonsai arboretum.

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