May 1, 2014


by Leslie Knope


Wait wait wait WAIT! It’s not a real goodbye. Why? Because I got everything I wanted. I, Leslie Knope, am leaving my job in City Hall. BUT I’m starting a new job at the National Parks Service. BUT I’m staying in Pawnee. BUT I have to say goodbye to you all. BUT as I’ve said it’s not a real goodbye. Understand? I thought so! Well done…you all get gold stars! (Come by my new office to pick up your gold stars.)

But sadly this is my last newsletter. And, let’s be honest, once I’m gone I highly doubt these newsletters will continue. Who would continue them? Ron? Please. Larry? Impossible. Donna? Okay maybe Donna, but it’d just become a gossip column which I’m in favor of when I get to see how stars are just like us. (Sandy Bullock shops for groceries, too!)

Thank you all for being loyal readers and supporters of the Parks Department newsletter. Rest assured that good work will still be done by the wonderful and amazing people who work here. And if you miss them (and me), please stop by City Hall and let them (and me) know how they (and I) can help you.

And warmly,
And sincerely,
And I love you Pawnee,
And ever,
And ever,
Leslie Knope
Former Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation
Former City Councilwoman
Current National Parks Service Regional Director
Obsessed with Ben Wyatt
Fierce friend to Ron Swanson, Ann Perkins, Tom Haverford, April Ludgate, Andy Dwyer, Donna Meagle, and Chris Traeger
Tolerating Larry Gergich
Forever Pawneean


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