City of Pawnee Summer Catalog 2012

Water Aerobics Former Olympic hopeful Tyn Fronst leads these classes, where you can stretch, strengthen and rejuvenate in the cool waters of the Tucker Park pool.
Water Aerobics Legally required doctor’s warning: It’s still not safe to swim in Pawnee water for longer than 50 minutes a day.
Frisbee Golf
Frisbee Golf Outlawed in Pawnee since the “Melee of 1994,” Frisbee Golf (or Frolf) is back! Form your teams and try to win the trophy. But leave all weapons and belts at home this time.
Learn the Internet
Learn the Internet Still confused by “www”? Don’t know how to get online? Wondering where to find the “.com” key on your keyboard? Are you over 80? Then sign up and take this class!
Survival Skills
Survival Skills Taught by famous survivalist Bear Grylls’ 3rd cousin-once-removed (by marriage), Hector Grylls, this class will teach you everything you need to know about how to survive, and thrive, in Pawnee’s Wamapoke territories.
Beginning Archery
Beginning Archery Archery? What’s the point? We’ll show you, in this wonderful class that really hits the bull’s-eye. Stay on target with first-rate instruction – after no time at all, you’ll quiver with happiness!
Pun Writing
Pun Writing Learn how to incorporate puns into your everyday life, and write paragraphs as great as that one for Beginning Archery!
FileMaker Pro
FileMaker Pro The man who taught you QuickBooks Pro is back by popular demand. In this course, Barney will teach you the ins and outs of FileMaker Pro. You’ll never lose sleep over poorly organized computer databases again.