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by Elsa Clack, Proprietress

Welcome to The Quiet Corn, serving all of your bed & breakfast needs, as long as you behave yourself and obey our rules. Take a look at our property’s features, and if I approve of your phone voice and can confirm your lack of cat- and horsehair-insulation allergies, I’ll be happy to consider taking your reservation.

Elsa Clack
  • Placehold


    Sprawling 3400 sq. ft. historic home, resting on 1.5 rolling acres…Read More

  • Placehold

    Room Amenities

    High-quality antique bedframes with adequate mattresses, topped with pillows made from property-sourced feathers and animal hair…Read More

  • Placehold

    Meal Service

    The first Germanic, locally-sourced gastropub in the Pawnee area…Read More