Activity Guide

Calendar of Events (March 2009):

March 1-8 Fabric Artist Karl Murchalton

  • Internationally renowned fabric artist and tapestry weaver Karl Murchalton exhibits his “symphony of thread” in Pioneer Hall.
  • Wine and cheese opening (by invitation only) will follow the tapestry’s unveiling on March 1.
  • Born in Pawnee, Murchalton was raised in Bloomington, Michigan. He began weaving in eighth grade and quickly became one of the mid-west’s top youth weavers.

March 6 Settler’s Mall Free Parking for Seniors Event

  • Free parking for senior citizens in the Settler’s Mall parking lot
  • One spot per senior
  • Generously provided by Gentle Sundowns Hospices, Inc.


  • Will it be the Cards or the Steelers?
  • Hot dogs, hamburgers, fun and games for the kids
  • Join the party at Hastings Field!
  • This event was rescheduled from Feb. 1

March 17 St. Patrick’s Day Parade

  • Find the pot of gold at the end of 7th st. and join the best St. Patty’s Day parade in Pawnee!
  • $1 pints at O’Hare’s, O’Malley’s, Paddy’s, Gallic Pub, Wancheng Li’s House of Peking Duck
  • Live performance by Squeeze cover band “Fruits of Another”

March 20 Semi-annual Equinox Party (5:30 – 7 pm)

  • Held twice a year, in Old Schoolhouse Square, the Equinox Party draws visitors from all parts of Pawnee.
  • Celebrate 12 hours of light AND 12 hours of dark.
  • Snacks, prizes, and Pizzies™ pop!
  • Try to balance an egg on its end!

March 23 Library Lectures (8 pm)

  • Central Library hosts Indiana University Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology Madeleine Glands for a stimulating discussion of percussion in early hominid communities
  • Introductory lecture by Pawnee historian and accomplished thereminist Martin Yrgl
  • Plenty of good seats still available

March 31 Inez Bird Meet and Greet (1 pm – 10 pm)

  • At 94, Pawnee’s own Inez Bird is Larry Bird’s third cousin, as well as his oldest living relative
  • Inez has agreed to gently shake hands and sign the first 300 Larry Bird photographs presented to her
  • The line begins forming at 9:30 am at Dickerson Field House
  • One admission per person!
  • Limited to Pawnee residents!