The Fourth Floor

Directory of Offices

• Department of Parking Enforcement
• Department of Tax Enforcement
• Department of Claims for Refunds
• Department of Records and Microfiche Storage
• Department of Road Hazards
• Department of Probation
• Department of Disease Control
• On-Site Convalescent/Recovery Ward for Workers at Department of Disease Control
• Department of Senior Health Services
• Department of Senior Disability Services
• Department of Death Records
• City Morgue
• Department of Excavation Permits
• Department of Insect Abatement
• Legal Claims Services for Persons Attacked by Insect Swarms
• Solid Waste Facilities
• Electrical Room (Note: Electrical Room wiring is currently being brought up to 1950s code. Do not enter without rubber boots and mouth cork.)

How to Enter How to Enter

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Directory of Offices Directory of Offices

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Prohibited Items Prohibited Items

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