Welcome to Pawnee

News and Notes – updated March 1st, 2012

Solving the water fountain hygiene problem was only one of the pending projects the Parks Department has on its agenda. See the full list.

News and Notes – updated September 22nd, 2011

Leslie Knope’s campaign for Pawnee City Council has begun! Find out more here.


News and Notes – updated March 17th, 2011

Get all the details on Pawnee’s Harvest Festival on the event’s brand new website! Interactive festival map, food vendors, games, musical acts, special appearances, Li’l Sebastian, merch and more!


News and Notes – updated December 9th, 2010

Animal Control has a few general, friendly reminders for all Pawnee residents. Close all windows in your house. Don’t walk alone at night, and keep all house cats inside.

In unrelated news, two mountain lions have escaped from the Pawnee Zoo.


News and Notes – updated November 25th, 2010

The 15th Annual Turkey Call Competition has finally arrived! Please remember to bring your own protective clothing this year, as turkey calls always bring out the possums.

In other turkey news, the rules of this years Turkey Call Competition have changed. “Gobbles,” “clucks,” “putts,” “purrs,” “yelps,” “cutts,” “cackles,” and “kee-kees” are permitted, while yaps, grunts, pippees, knee-knees, and guttural pulvulsions will result in an immediate DQ and lifetime competition banishment.

Bongo Ball

News and Notes – updated November 11th, 2010

If you played bingo last night at the Edward Philips Senior Center, this pertains to you! In the 3rd game, B-5 was called as the last number, resulting in a BINGO. This was incorrect. The correct ball was B-11. Our deepest apologies. All prizes from this game must be returned by end of day tomorrow. Don’t make us come after you.

The Pawnee Public Library is looking for interns. Ideal candidates must be worthless, inconsiderate, moronic, and corrupt. To apply, please sell your soul to the devil. Sincerely, Leslie Knope.