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Remember the first time you watched a romantic movie in which the two lovers have a tender moment in a park? No doubt you thought to yourself, I wish I could find true love and live happily ever after with Richard Gere.

Well, we can’t promise you Richard Gere, but if you visit Wamapokestone Park, we can promise you’ll meet your soulmate!

You may have heard local kids calling it “Wanna poke stoned” but lifetime Pawnee residents know Wamapokestone Park is one of the most romantic spots in town. In the words of Pawnee librarian Debra Fellinsich, “I got some! Finally!”

Wamapokestone Park was established in 1906 over the shared grave of a Wamapoke teen bride and the love of her life, an unknown White settler. Their story is like “Romeo and Juliet,” if Romeo had taken Juliet by force and Juliet’s father had then killed Romeo.

The grounds is a wonderful location for any love milestone, whether it’s a first date or first wedding. There’s also a beautiful rose garden memorial statue to commemorate the spot where flowers and plants used to grow. But the main attraction of Wamapokestone will always be its medium-sized fountain. According to legend, if you hold the hand of your lover and throw a penny into the fountain, the two of you will be together forever. If you throw trash in the fountain, you will be required to pay a $50 fine.

Visitors can enjoy some shade under the grand oak “love tree,” named so because of the carved initials found on the bark. Some claim these are the names of the Wamapokestone Park Five, who committed ritual suicide there in 1976. Hopeless romantics agree, because it’s true.


  • Lover’s Nature Walk
  • Love” Benches
  • “Romance” Field
  • Kisser’s Path
  • Loveball Court (handball)


  • M-F 11 AM – 5 PM
  • Sa, Su – 11 AM – 5:15 PM

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