Public Safety

Fire Department

Welcome to the home page of the Pawnee Fire Department. The Pawnee Fire Department is here to provide safety from fires, natural or man made disasters and medical emergencies. Eighty five per cent of the staff is volunteers and the remaining fifteen per cent are certified firefighters. There are six stations that have a total of two fully operational trucks with an eye on purchasing more.

Tornado Evacuation Sites

Two of the three evacuation sites were destroyed in a recent fire. They have been temporarily moved to the Pawnee Elementary School on McBride Street and the YMCA on Burton Pond Road. Please keep checking for recent updates and changes to evacuation sites.

Police Department

We are here in the community!
Welcome to the Pawnee Police Department Website. It is here that you will find out about recent news and updates about the Pawnee Police Department. We currently have a staff of seventy-seven full time officers serving approximately eighty thousand citizens. The Pawnee Police Department is committed to making sure that safety needs of the community are met. We are proud to announce that thus far, aggravated assault is down 6% year to year.

Recent News

Bike Patrol
Two new bikes have been recently purchased with an eye on purchasing more.

The May Annual Pawnee Police Hot Dog Day
Bring the family and eat some hot dogs. This Saturday is your chance to meet your local law enforcement officers, have some food and voice your concerns. The event will be cancelled if it rains. This site does not supply weather updates.

Memorial For Police Dog
Those who wish to show their respects for Wishbone can do so at the Pawnee Pet Cemetery this Wednesday at 10 am. The event will be cancelled if it rains. This site does not supply weather updates.