P.B.A. – Pawnee Bus Authority

  • “Get to where you need to go on a bus.”
  • 4 lines, one for each side of Pawnee’s rhombus-shaped urban road grid
    • Red line (SE to SW) – Thurston Ave. to Watertown Rd.
    • Blue line (NE to NW) – Rhubarb Ln. to West End Pl.
    • Green line (NW to SW) – West End Pl. to Watertown Rd.
    • Navy Blue line (NE to SE) – Rhubarb Ln. to Thurston Ave.
  • Local bus stops conveniently located every 1/32nd of a mile, Express stops located every 16 miles
  • Our state-of-the-art fleet of air-conditioned buses are operated only by the best and brightest of Pawnee bus drivers
  • Buses run from 6am to 6pm, Mon-Sat
  • All lines except Red Line (SE, SW) begin at Center Hill / Watertown. Red Line SE begins at Rhubarb /Atwater and intersects with Blue, Purple lines at Richland Circle. Red Line SW begins at Thurston / Main, intersects with Blue Line at Saddle / Vervelen Ave., terminates at Rhubarb Point except when alternate schedules in effect. Blue Line terminates at Littleton, with limited transfer to Purple Line NE one block south of Peterson / Pike, weekdays from 5pm – 8pm, when Blue Line SW merges with Yellow Line at De Greeuw. Alternate routes include Blue Line transfer to Purple Line S, or to Red Line SE or express Yellow Line (only run Sunday, noon – 4:15pm). During winter season, all bus lines canceled on Saturdays. Blue, Purple, Red Lines except SE routes follow limited schedules (see brochure). Yellow Line becomes all SW routes except Blue Line, covered by Purple Line S (holiday service only) until Richland Circle, nights and weekends. In inclement weather, check local weather station KPWN for schedule changes.

Indiana Railroad

  • Looking to get out of Pawnee in a hurry? Hop aboard the Indiana Railroad and begin the adventure of a lifetime.
  • Station stops include: Bloomington, Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Gary

Gypsy Cabs

  • Do not use Gypsy Cabs.