City Council

Leslie Knope
Welcome to my Parks Department

Hello, fellow Pawnee citizen, and welcome to the finest page in the entire electronic Pawnee web world. (Sorry, Public Safety Department!) I’m Leslie Knope, your Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation here in Pawnee, and I’m one hundred percent committed to making sure every resident has all the green space and fun activities he or she can handle. It’s every American’s birthright.

Allow me to be your web hostess for our little corner of cyberspace. To your left, you will see links that lead you to informative and entertaining web pages that will educate you about all of the wonderful services we here in Parks and Rec provide. Want to find out more about one of our beautiful facilities? Click on “This Week’s Featured Park.” Want to discover a fun way to spend your Saturday afternoon? Click on “Activity Guide.” Want to breathe some fresh air and toss a frisbee around? Visit any one of our terrific parks! (Except Ramsett Park, where frisbees are still prohibited due to the unfortunate dog-related incident last September.) Want to read about Pawnee’s most common furry resident? Click on “Pests.” Check back soon for new additions to the site!

I want to assure you that everyone in our department is dedicated to giving you, the public, the highest level of service to improve your quality of life. That’s why I’m offering my e-mail address on this site for all to see right now: That’s right. I’m available for all of your concerns. Shoot me a message with whatever’s on your mind. I love hearing everyone’s voices!

In closing, I would just like to say that Pawnee, Indiana isn’t just a city to me. It’s a family. Families are what make this city great…and this is a great city!

Sincerely, Your Deputy Director,
Leslie Knope